1. Mixer – min. 12 channels, local sound engineer needed


2. Monitors: 1st line – 2 monitors (vocal-guitar)

                    2nd line – 1 monitor (drummer),

                    3rd line – 1 monitor (bassist)

                    4th line – 1 monitor (flute, sax and back-vocal)


    Separate monitor mixer is not needed


3. Professional drum-set (Tama, Yamaha), hi-hat stander, min. 3 cymbal standers and a  



4. Bass combo min.60 Watt. Vox, Fender Bassman, or comparable


5. Guitar combo min 50 Watt  Vox, Fender or comparable


6. 3 vocal mics Shure SM58 or comparable on standers + one mic for sax on a stander


7. Sockets 220 V all grounded!


8. Lights on stage MUST be connected to a separate phase


    Soundcheck starts 60-90 min. before Door Open!



    For a detailed version of our Rider and other related questions please

    contact us using the contact form above.


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EP Don|T Pushkin



How quick the time is running


It has been a while since we delivered any news...

We have a new drummer!


Hey there!

We have a new drummer...

Leon Saleh left the Band


Hey guys,

we are very sorry to announce that our drummer Leon...

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Don'T Pushkin Live at Souledge

We are happy to announce one more gig in Hamburg. This time we are going to rock the Souledge Club. Again! 


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