There is nothing special about this rock band. It is a band from Hamburg and it plays rock music. Oh, sorry! This is not the way one should write about a band, or whatever that should be PRESENTED these days. Sure, there is a lot of "special" things to outline. After all, we want to draw your attention.


So, the thirst and the most important: DonT Pushkin is all about music. The band had different names and line-ups. But it has always been dedicated to the creation of sounds. 


What, where and how it sounds - that is what important. And as a result of this attitude, the music of the band is a rare combination of different elements and styles. From classical rock sound of 70s up to low fi indie of our age.


The core of the band consists of two Russian guys Denis and Slava who joined their efforts back in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany to make the music  they thought would be right and COOL. The fact was, it was not enough to only have guitar, bass and vocals for that COOL. After having changed several candidates, finally, Leon appeared behind the drum set. He was and is absolutely right for the band.


There were also many others around the band. One particular person who sang and played flute (Dima - you can see him behind his name on the background photo) was really a nice guy. This is his photo that you can see on the cover of the bands EP recorded in 2011 at Little Big Ears Studio in Hamburg. But he moved to another city and left the band.


A great saxophonist Michaly Pocs joined the band in the studio. His work made a great impression on all of the band members and studio guys. Michaly colorified the music  of DonT Pushkin. He lifted all the songs to a higher level. His contribution is impossible to overrate. Unfortunately, he only joined the band for the EP studio sessions.


Having playes as a power trio for about a year, DonT Pushkin had finally found two musicians who were passioned to learn something new. Something different from their purely classical background. Gio is a professional flutist. And Alina is a classical singer. They joined the band in 2012.


Since then DonT Pushkin is a quintet. It rocked many stages in Germany and Russia. The band is continuosly working to improve it's music and visual appearence. It does not stick to any particular style, though having a particular direction. The band consists of very different people, but these people share common goals and common attitude. And this makes the music of DonT Pushkin just right and COOL.


EP Don|T Pushkin



How quick the time is running


It has been a while since we delivered any news...

We have a new drummer!


Hey there!

We have a new drummer...

Leon Saleh left the Band


Hey guys,

we are very sorry to announce that our drummer Leon...

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Don'T Pushkin Live at Souledge

We are happy to announce one more gig in Hamburg. This time we are going to rock the Souledge Club. Again! 


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